Through this playlist we are taking a look back into what went down at Goa from December 26th to the 30th. Yes, we are here remembering the magical moments we had at Neon Grooves at Antares  Restaurant and Beach Resort, Goa. Being our first label showcase in Goa, this was a very special event for all of us at Wind Horse Records.  As an artist myself the whole showcase was very inspirational. Made a lot of new friends, friends became close friends, close friends became family. It was a platform to let everyone know who you are as an artist and a DJ because everyone played longer sets.  So this playlist is all about them, each artist contributing a track to the playlist. and this is how it starts..


Farhan Rehman

DJ Tanvi


Mehul Pant


Thee J Johanz

Priyesh Patil

Stalvart John

And this is how it ends..