About Us

When it comes to dance music, there is a gaping lack of coverage in many regions of the world, particularly the Indian subcontinent. Since its inception in 2016, Beats Beyond Borders has sought to plug this void, bringing to notice undiscovered artists and labels we think deserve to be talked about. We are not just another voice chiming into the existent media chorus. Beats Beyond Borders espouses independent opinion in a time when critical thinking is often eschewed in favour of the mass-produced. Instead of click-bait articles and mindless reposting/sharing of appropriated ideas, our content strives to remain refreshingly original. We do not claim to be a music guide. The reviews on this website are decidedly non-prescriptive as music is, and should be, subjective to the listener. Our mission is to equip readers with the requisite information for them to become more discerning in their musical selections. We raise the questions, and let you explore the answers, on your own terms. Like the clothes we wear, certain musical genres become prominent, time and again, based on the prevalent fashion. However, Beats Beyond Borders consciously subverts these trends as well as all forms of musical elitism. We shun labels like ‘underground’ or ‘mainstream’ and discard tags like ‘future music’ or ‘old school’, because accessibility has nothing to do with quality, and good music transcends its chronology. We celebrate both – the popular and unknown, and the new and old – in the same vein, as long as it sounds good.



Founder: Hamza Rahimtula
Hailing from New Delhi, Hamza has attained a reputation as a pioneer of the house scene in India and one of the more innovative and exciting producers today. Hamza’s diverse international sound is influenced from his strong musical background as well as growing up in India and traveling the world, living in Paris, Boston, and New York. Early in his journey, exposure to renowned house DJs such as Terry Francis, Dave Mothersole, DJ Heather, and Danny Teneglia inspired Hamza to create his own electronic dance productions. Soon he found a unique style of house music combining deep, tribal, and funky sounds with strong world music influences. Hamza set up his own label Wind Horse Records to further nourish this growing production repertoire.



Editor: Akanksha Chauhan
Akanksha is an architect and a writer with a fierce appetite for life and sound. She has contributed to a number of electronic music magazines such as Euphoric Magazine India and Beatsmedia U.K.. Seeking a platform to have an independent voice lead to her to joining forces with Hamza who believed in and supported her vision and direction for the Wind Horse Records blog. After months of brainstorming and deliberation, Beats Beyond Borders was born. Akanksha’s uncompromising, no holds barred attitude towards music journalism has lead to her work being appreciated by many prominent artists and labels such as Dystopian, Recondite, Dosem, Digitaria and Clarian. She currently resides in New York.